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Well here we are. It's the mob rule, also known as "democracy." Over here in California, we have a proposition on the ballot to define marriage as between a man and a woman. But there's a circus to go along with the proposition:

A man wearing a "No on 8" button was beaten with a "Yes on 8" lawn sign in Torrance this week in what police characterized as a possible hate crime.

Source: Proposition 8 may have been at center of Torrance assault

The police might have classified it as a possible hate crime, I classify it as plain old stupidity on both sides. The paper reporting this story is a local rag called "The Daily Breeze." I don't know the political slant of this paper because I don't read it very much. But the overall circus is a lot bigger than the story makes it out. This video was shot by me yesterday (October 28th, 2008) on the corner of Hawthorne & Artesia in Redondo Beach, CA. I think it speaks for itself:

I believe marriage is defined by the culture. The culture is defined by the people who live in that culture. Democracy really doesn't have much of a role in changing marriage when the culture has already spoken. The culture has taken marriage and destroyed it. The idea that we should now vote on it is absurd. Marriage has been attacked again and again by the very people who want to define it as between a man and a woman. Even changing the California Constitution will not change the divorce rate. This circus will certainly not convince people either way.

I originally planned to vote against this proposition, but now I abstain all together from casting a position on it. I originally signed the petition to get it on this ballot, but now I decline from endorsing either position.

I define marriage as between a man and a woman. But marriage has gone millennium without help from the state. If we truly value marriage, let's uphold marriage as sacred. Protect marriage by protecting your marriage. And stop the circus.

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  1. Looking back on this moment back in 2008, I guess it marks the day I finally realized that voting is just another form of aggression.

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