Horse Wranglers In NH

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Here's a little background.  The videos below are two parts, perhaps waiting for a third, about a family's encounter with a militant charity.  You may be familiar with the SPCA, an organization not normally associated with militantism.  Usually we think of PETA as the militant animal rights group.

But that's not the most bizarre part.

The reason the SPCA representative was being militant was because he wanted to see if the Travis family was taking good care of their own horses.  Apparently, in New Hampshire the law requires shelter for horses during November through April.

But that's not the most bizarre part.

Some of this may be hard to understand if you aren't aware of a few things: Life, Liberty, and Private Property.  In America, some people observe this tradition referred to as "Liberty."  This tradition may seem quaint to most of us, but if you understand this concept, the video begins to make a little more sense.

The Travis family interpret Liberty differently than the man from the SPCA.  The Travis family want to be left alone to enjoy their Life, Liberty, and Private Property.  The man from the SPCA does not observe Private Property the same way.  He and his police buddy believes the law gives them the right to enter Private Property in order to enforce their statues.

So rather than go through the proper and civilized channels, rather than make an appointment with the Travis family, rather than show them the courtesy that equal human beings should show one another, the man from the SPCA starts off making accusations then calls the police in an attempt to intimidate the family.

But that's not the most bizarre part.

Now for the bizarre part.  If you're into firearms, pay attention:

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