I Am Against Government Guaranteed Breast-feeding Rights for Working Moms

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First of all, I respect and acknowledge people who support breast-feeding-working moms.  I encourage people to support them economically.  So will you please afford me the same respect and courtesy I am giving you?  Am I free to disagree with you?

Furthermore, we do not get our rights from the government.  No government is the giver of rights, whether federal, state, nor local.  The problem is, public schools teach us that government gives us our rights, so when their benevolence shines into our lives, we are supposed to be grateful:

The above video is an example of why health care prices and California's budget are completely out of control.  We are drowning in debt and taxes because we expect the government to distribute rights.  I disagree, but am I allowed to act on that disagreement?  Am I allowed to act on my belief without the initiation of force against me?

If you agree that I’m allowed to disagree with you and if you agree that I’m free to act on that disagreement, just as you are free to act on your beliefs, by way of example, if I don’t like government programs that "give" rights to breast-feeding-working moms, am I free to not to write a check and not to economically support them?

No, in fact, there is an extremely fine charitable organization named Le Leche League International that I would rather support.  LLLi already gets federal help in the form of tax exemption because it is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  There is no possible way I can emphasize how great Le Leche League is.  But I am forced under threat of violence to support other sub-standard, monopoly based organizations instead.  It's just wrong.

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