Gospel Effect: Nero vs. US President

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So I've come to a conclusion about the difference between Nero and a US President.  Both were/are the heads of state in an imperialistic, violent regime.  Both were/are drunk with power.  I've had several people dialog with me about my position on Romans 13:1-7.  Basically, the question they ask me is why do I think we should resist our government today but Paul's original audience didn't really have to?

Some believe the study of Nero is problematic because they question the reliability of ancient sources when reporting on Nero's alleged tyrannical acts.  Let us set that issue aside for the moment and assume all of the hateful things reported were true.

In fact, let's assume it was worse for the Christians than the historical documents say.  Where the historical documents might say Nero persecuted Jewish believers, it's entirely possible some of those Jewish believers were in fact Christians.

It's true that the people who received the letters from the apostles didn't have the same situation as we do today.  Even though Nero's rule was centralized and absolute, there were other technological limitations.  An edict or ruling from Nero would take months to reach all points of his empire.  But today, there is no delay at all.  In fact, markets react before the executive orders or the legislative rulings are signed.

Although Nero had a formal centralized government at his command, each region functioned more-or-less autonomously in most matters.  On specific edicts or rulings, it took quite a bit of time for them to spread and even more time to implement.

If Nero decided to confiscate all of the gold in the Roman Empire, it would have had a rather tough time actually accomplishing it.  But we know from US History, this task was relatively easy in the United States during the FDR administration.  US Policy policies and decisions literally go coast-to-coast in an instant.

Today, the President can declare CO2 an illegal pollutant which means our very life process is in violation of the law.  Can you imagine Nero pulling something like that off?  They would have laughed him off his thrown.

I believe the US Regime is a full frontal assault intended to hinder the spread of the Gospel.  Instead of private citizens going out from the US to go along side the people of other nations and show them the truth, this government is using our resources (by taxation) to send the military to kill people and break things.

In Nero's day, the gospel permeated and flourished in spite of the Roman regime.  Yet today, the United States is still the fifth largest mission field.

The general response from a lot of Christians about why we're winding down the Gospel is that it is God's plan as read in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.  Sorry.  That's stupid.  God would not undermine the Gospel like that.  Go back to studying scripture.

So if biblical teachings in the United States are on the decline and God isn't behind it, which must mean mankind is.  But many Christians like to point to "end times" as the real cause.  It's that convenient?  We have a responsibility to spread the good news and then when we fail, we chalk it up to being God's will??

Or maybe there's another explanation.  Maybe we are just bad witnesses and that's all.  Christians have a higher rate of abortion, divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, and lies to cover them up.  No wonder the world laughs at us.

It's truly sad that Jesus has forgiven us.  Jesus is for losers, and we certainly excel at that point.  And we will make sure we find every possible method to prove that fact over and over.  Is there a sick and twisted way to prove Jesus should not have died for my sins?  My depraved mind will find a new example before the day is over.

The way eschatology is preached today just the current sick and twisted method pastors like at the moment.  I prefer the word, "Exit-ology" as in, "The study of how *we* Christians will exit this world before *we* make it any worse for *those* sinners."

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