Race to the Checkout Line

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Competition really can make everything better. Consider this article by Greg Beato:

Unless you're comfortably wealthy, pathologically thin, or both, you probably go to the grocery store at least once every couple of weeks.  When you go, there's one factor that most determines the your experience there, and it's not fluctuations in the price of ground coffee, the number of Ben & Jerry's flavors on hand, or how gripping the National Enquirer cover stories are that week.  It's how smoothly you move through the check-out line.  A country cannot be great without great grocery store baggers - their speed, courtesy, and ability to keep our spaghetti sauce from crushing our hot dog buns is crucial to maintaining public morale.

Source: www.outloudopinion.com

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  1. Christopher says:

    Being not comfortably wealthy (yet) I have to say I can't really afford to go to stores with baggers. I've been bagging my own groceries for quite a while now.

    And I'm damn careful about my hotdog buns...

  2. My family goes back-and-forth between stores that have baggers and the ones that don't. And believe me, those baggers come in handy. 😀 They're almost worth the extra price as "insurance."

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