"Over 23,000 teachers were given pink slips in California."

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There's an astroturf blitz going on, and it goes something like this:
Over 23,000 teachers were given pink slips in California. In honor of ALL teachers, copy this into your facebook status. We are willing to post colors of our underwear, and places we were born. Let's honor those who have made an impact in ALL of our lives! In the comments name a teacher who has impacted you!

I've seen this kind of thing before.  Before, it was with healthcare reform.  Now, we're seeing the cut-and-paste barrage with public (government, centralized, forced, compulsory) education.

Ok, I get it.  You're worried that so many people are losing their jobs in public education.  And California is the poster-child for this because we represent the most populous state, as well as the state in the most trouble financially.

But get it together people.  This is one of the most failed, abysmal example of government programs out there.  Are you really that surprised it's going in this direction?

California is $21 billion in debt at this moment (it's much more, believe me).  Maybe we should step back and look at the very programs that are failing and decide if they should be funded by out-of-control government in the first place.

What?  End public education?  I know.  You're saying something like, "Anthony, can you be serious?  Education is so important, it must be handled by a disinterested third party like government."  Well, just step back and look at it.  Is this really what you had in mind?  Please consider the podcast and let me know.

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