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It seems that at the moment, the primary rejoinder of the White House about the information released by WikiLeaks is that more innocent lives have been put at risk now than would have been without the leaks.  If this is true, at some point, further leaks would cause the loss of innocent to approach the level that would result from a complete withdrawal.  That's why I think these predictions are all total fabrications and BS.  The White House likely believes there is a very real "risk" resulting from future leaks.  They would likely call them "copycat leaks."  But courage is contagious, as Assanage so astutely pointed out.  Therefore future, even bigger leaks are an altogether credible inevitability.  Why not minimize the loss of innocent life by making a strategic withdrawal as soon as possible?  If innocent life really is such a priority to the White House, why not leave now?

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  1. Ken Jr says:

    The answer is all too obvious. The bureaucrats at the White House and the Pentagon don't really have any sympathy for Afghan lives. Their objection is a smokescreen in order to move attention away from the very real bloodbath that is continuing throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  2. Oh yes. Smokescreen indeed. Also, it occurred to me, the latest Pentagon demand that WikiLeaks "return" the documents might be a setup to create a deeper legal tort.

    Meaning, WikiLeaks is not only unwilling but also physically incapable of making the Pentagon "whole" by the Pentagon's standards. This could be used as "evidence" later down the road when they can indict.

    You might wonder how a federal grand jury would accept these shenanigans in order to issue an indictment. I mean, are federal grand juries that stupid?

    No, not all of them are that stupid. It only takes one grand jury to buy what the government is selling. The federal prosecutor could "shop" for the grand jury who will indict. Their level of cooperation will certainly be criteria. And it helps to make demands no one can physically fulfill.

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