Federal Indoctrination vs. State's Rights

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This is a picture I snapped with my mobile after attending a meeting at my son's school.  I am totally against the public indoctrination centers, but my son Benjamin goes to this school for reasons I don't really want to get into at the moment.

Anyway, this is part of a drawing hung outside the school in plastic to protect it from the weather.  It was just part of a larger drawing which was one of many on the chain-link-fence facing the street.

You can see a person at a podium who appears to be the president ("go presidant (sic)") saying, "I want to [ban] drugs from the whole country."  Further down, someone is responding to the president saying, "I like that law."  That last quote bubble got cut off from when I took the picture.

I know this is one tiny corner example and it doesn't in any way represent the entire school system, but then again it does.  I didn't really assess the whole display, but it looked like everything was centered around the Red Ribbon Week indoctrination program.  Torrance, the city I live in and the city this school is located, is aligned with the federal drug laws.  In 2006, Torrance City Council passed a resolution to ban the sale of medical marijuana.  I think this photo is a perfect window into the priorities and views the Torrance Unified School District favors.  The State of California does not believe the president has the power to control these substances, but Torrance Unified believes and teaches a different role of government to our young children.

Drugs are bad, umkay?  But teaching children that the president has the power to override state's rights with an executive order is bad too, umkay?

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