Suspicionless Checkpoint, Addendum

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Lieutenant Stephen D’anjou says that the suspicionless checkpoint (covered previously) was announced to the Daily Breeze on September 2nd.  Again, I find no mention on the Daily Breeze website, so we still have an effective Internet blackout of this information.

The Lieutenant  believes it was also posted on Torrance Police Department website, but he said the website program never published it.  An honest mistake.  I've seen first hand that this can be a common mistake in any web publishing environment.

But there's something else I'd like to point out.  See if you can tell the difference between the two announcements.  One announcement was for the 11th, the other was for June 19th.

The information published about June 19th, 2009 listed the intersection as well as the time.  But the information published about September 11th, 2009 does not list the intersection.

It's already beyond recognition of what it was originally.  They're just going to keep tweaking and modifying this.

If you still don't understand why this is bad, please review my previous article on the subject.  Also consider an article called "Bloodsuckers in Blue" on Lew Rockewell's web site.


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