FTC Disclosure

Dear Agent of the FTC, It is none of your business if I make money with my blog or not. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. The way I see it, you are party to an illegitimate thuggish group that should be abolished and replaced with nothing. If I did make money with my blog, it would be primarily through affiliate marketing, which you are not authorized to regulate by natural law or even the US Constitution (if that document even mattered). I may also make money through seemingly unrelated methods on this blog that are none of your business. I am non-litigious by the fact that I have not voluntarily entered into any contracts with you (not that that matters to you). Therefore I do not formally recognize any court order or any court you may work through. Therefore, dear agent of the FTC, in light of this information, it is incumbent upon you to leave this web site immediately. It is also, necessarily, incumbent upon you to quit your job and join the voluntary society like a civilized person. Sincerely, inertia

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