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So, I've been working (intermittently) on a GitHub project called CobbleBot. It's a Rails application + Resque ... thing. Basically, all you do is start up a vanilla Minecraft Server and point this app to it. It reads the logs and other json for the players and does stuff.

It's based on scripts me and my staff have worked on since 2011.

One of the things it does well is allow players to message each other. They can type a message like: @inertia186 Hey, how's it going?

When the player logs in, they'll get notified that the have mail.

Mainly stuff like that. It also can play sounds on certain events like PVP and achievements. Mostly stuff that the log keeps track of. It can't tell when players pick up items, so it's not like command blocks in that regard.

CobbleBot Token: a3fc973bcdaab15d

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The Simulation

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I run a simulation. It’s a simplified version of the world that explores what would happen if there were no laws.

Turns out, people self-organize. They leverage knowledge and trust for one another. That’s the man commodity in the simulation: trust. Trust is the first, most important thing.

There’s still cruelty. There’s still unfairness. But these things are not sanctioned under the color of authority, so anyone who wants to avoid these power plays can go off on their own and no one will bug them.

When the powerful ones self-organize, it is difficult for them to maintain the power without the color of authority.

They organize like NATO. They have their formal rules and try to exact penalties for certain behavior. There’s usually only one group like that. But it falls apart over and over.

There are also people who expect the laws and quickly leave when they don’t see them showcased front-and-center. Or they expect hand-outs when they arrive.

The simulation does not provide anything to the new arrivals. They are plopped in the middle of a vast ocean. They are told what’s going on, but many ignore the information.

The simulation has rules, but only for dealing with “out of band” scenarios. Something that is "out of band” deals in terms of maintaining the simulation itself. Basically, interfering with or threatening the existence of the simulation is forbidden.

If you would like to take a look at the simulation for yourself, you can see it here:


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